Nosodes. Fake medicine, real danger.


“Homeopathy is the air guitar of alternative medicine, going through the motions of medicine, without actually providing medicine”

-Scott Gavura, Science Based Medicine.

images (5)What are nosodes? In order to answer that let’s look at what they are not. They are not medicine. They are not vaccines. They are not an evidence-based treatment for any disease or illness. In that context, they are nothing.

Based on the idea that “like cures like” , nosodes are prepared from the bodily fluids (often feces, blood, and pus) of patients with diseases such as measles, anthrax and tuberculosis. Have no fear, they sound disgusting but are still basically just sugar pills because they are then sterilized and serially diluted, often to the point where no active ingredient remains.  Taking these “medicines” to prevent disease is known as “homeoprophylaxis” and several  homeoprophylaxis programs are promoted as replacements for the current vaccine schedule, claiming to provide immunity from measles, polio, pertussis, mumps, chicken pox, and the like. Homeoprophylaxis proponents often reference a few weak studies to support their claims,none of which were double-blind, randomised, controlled trials and most were published before 1970 and never replicated.

These homeopathic products are still marketed as a natural alternative to vaccines, even though there is not a single health or regulatory agency on the planet that supports this. And why would there be? Nosodes are the rule of homeopathy, not the exception – they do not work on treating anything because they have no active ingredient in them. The entire industry is a lie built on magical thinking  and this is evidence-based. A recent, large scale meta-analysis went so far as to state, “there are no health conditions for which there is reliable evidence that homeopathy is effective.” This is science speak for sorry hippies, but that there “medicine” is totally useless. Read more