No Lessons.


*This was written on the second last day of my exile. I was in a pretty dark place. I have since had my admin privileges restored and am walking on sunshine.I will be posting to explain the details of how I lost, then found, my Science Pony self, but today I am focusing on trying to get some content together for all of you who stuck with me through the past week. It is appreciated, truly*

I recently had my Facebook page, Science Pony, stolen. It has been 5 days and so far there seems to be little recourse for regaining the page, which is refusing to moderate comments (allowing trolls to run roughshod over my work product) and ┬ástill insists on using my likeness which is maddening. I am not sure what kind of sociopath feels entitled to a year of someone else’s work, or to their dreams, but I hope that they have to live with their actions for years to come, and that somewhere deep down in their blackened souls they feel a modicum of guilt. Their morals are bad, and they should feel bad. Read more