That Time I made Taleb’s Monsanto Shill List 3 times.

That Time I made Taleb’s Monsanto Shill List 3 times.

Science Pony loves nothing more than a good opportunity to outreach. Unfortunately this was not one of those times. What it was, however, was a straight-up call to science troll.  While the motivations there might be less pure than the driven snow, the results are usually pretty sweet regardless. Bitching out a bunch of misguided Taleb followers proved no exception. Read more

Monsanto Class Action in: “Ad Homs are not Evidence”.

Monsanto Class Action is getting bolder, more mouthy and way, way, way more irritating. Science Pony is frustrated that T. Matthew Phillips feels the need to reach for such low hanging fruit.

Kicking Folta when he is down, you’d better believe that’s a paddling.


Update – Alma got me the book, I am no Folta but I have a very basic understand of many of the key concepts now.
I suppose that means that I am all ready for my own very first lawsuit now too.
For Science!


Nature Raper. Yep. We are doing this.

I have mulled releasing this for some time, usually I am not in favour of releasing private messages to the public as a rule. This member is in no way identified and it is a very informative exchange that has been requested before so I have acquiesced .

It is clearly a combative dialogue. People wonder aloud if there is more to this exchange that led to these fireworks. There is not a terrible lot of backstory here to be honest. Marc Brazeau of Food and Farm Lab Discussion Group were civilly discussing GMOs with a gentleman who was none too fond of GMOs. I kept it civil, Marc took a few pot shots but mostly was charitable as well. The anti got more and more frustrated,  then he moved into private message with me.

Out of Marc and I, I think we would both agree I was far nicer to this nature lover, and yet he decided to take out his pent up aggression on this target. Anti-logic, go figure.

Warning this exchange has even more foul language than usual.