Hungry Boy

This was a special day. After almost 2 solid months of lurking in a 20 thousand member anti-vaxxer echo chamber called Vaccine Resistance Movement, Science Pony made a comment on a post and set of a chain reaction that included 12 straight hours of (mostly) civil consensus pushing followed by a full on science troll invasion.


This was grabbed about 5 hours in, you can see that Science Pony is beginning to lose her Principle of Charity – it could be exhaustion, or maybe hunger, or maybe it is the idiots calling her a slut and making fun of her father’s Polio? It is hard to pinpoint causation, as we are all aware.


The forum was unusual because it had one administrator for 20 thousand people, and allowed anyone to add anyone without approval. And we did just that. This was the shills when VRM has no moderator watching:


This led to a call to action and a coordinated science troll invasion. There were 20 -30 shills, working together to create havoc in the forum while the ONE(!) moderator slept. It was legendary.


Well there you have it. That is our tale for today. VRM changed itsĀ open add status and kicked out most of our heroes. We still have a few members in the forum, reporting back and waiting for the next chance to troll for science.