Nature Raper. Yep. We are doing this.

I have mulled releasing this for some time, usually I am not in favour of releasing private messages to the public as a rule. This member is in no way identified and it is a very informative exchange that has been requested before so I have acquiesced .

It is clearly a combative dialogue. People wonder aloud if there is more to this exchange that led to these fireworks. There is not a terrible lot of backstory here to be honest. Marc Brazeau of Food and Farm Lab Discussion Group were civilly discussing GMOs with a gentleman who was none too fond of GMOs. I kept it civil, Marc took a few pot shots but mostly was charitable as well. The anti got more and more frustrated,  then he moved into private message with me.

Out of Marc and I, I think we would both agree I was far nicer to this nature lover, and yet he decided to take out his pent up aggression on this target. Anti-logic, go figure.

Warning this exchange has even more foul language than usual.



One thought on “Nature Raper. Yep. We are doing this.

  • September 12, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    That escalated quickly…


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