That Time I made Taleb’s Monsanto Shill List 3 times.

Science Pony loves nothing more than a good opportunity to outreach. Unfortunately this was not one of those times. What it was, however, was a straight-up call to science troll.  While the motivations there might be less pure than the driven snow, the results are usually pretty sweet regardless. Bitching out a bunch of misguided Taleb followers proved no exception.

I was in a spectacularly foul mood, for after Taleb posted a guide to how to identify and argue with “shills” on his page he then systematically erased 2 hours of polite, evidence-based comments I left as Science Pony, and banned my page as well. As a result, coming back as my personal account, I was all out of the principle of charity and snarkiness ensued. Let’s observe:


It was here that Taleb banned me and scrubbed these comments as well, showing that he is not, at all, concerned with truth or transparency because he is a giant, useless, tool of a man. This is evidence-based.

Your faithful science troll,



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