Vaccine Fairytales

Hello Proponents of the Biomedical Theory of Autism.

You seem to be under the impression that vaccines cause autism, that autism is curable, and that if your child has autism that is just the very worst thing in the entire world.

You are ableist, and you are misinformed. Whether this is by accident of an inferior education system, or the result of sustained, intentional self-delusion I cannot say. The fact that many of you have children, and possibly ones who are on the spectrum, makes me very fearful and very sad.

I want to walk you through a scenario.

science_filly_pony_base_by_alari1234_bases-d77o16dA child tells his mother he wants nothing more than to grow up to be a scientist. He wants to work in a lab and use the magic that is science to find cures for all the horrible diseases that make people sick, and suffer and sometimes die before their time. She smiles and tells him that he better work very hard in school if he hopes for that to be the case. And he does. He studies hard, and then harder. His weekends are not filled by teenage misadventures with alcohol and clumsy passes at pretty girls but rather books and calculations. His puppy love is science.

12 years of effort and his sacrifices pay off. He earns entrance to college, where he works for 8 more years, or maybe 10. Late night study cram sessions, getting to know the inside of every lab and library on campus. Competing for every grade and grant. No money, no beer pong, no Frat parties (or Frats) – no fun, except the thrill of mystery after mystery solved with the scientific method, the itch of inquiry scratched with evidence. For many it would not be enough, but for this boy, now almost a man, it keeps him going, as does the knowledge that his goal is now within reach.

11986354_989667164424698_535266951857336437_nThen the future finally arrives. He made it – he is a real scientist, working for a real pharmaceutical company on a vaccine to save real lives… And he learns it is a complete and total scam. The reality is that his research does not have to be accurate, in fact, it is preferred if it isn’t – you see, the government has been poisoning its own citizens for decades with vaccines as the delivery system – and his new vaccine is about to be the latest weapon against every single person he has ever met and their children. He is best served, it is explained, in always reporting favourable results, all the while adding ingredients that he will claim are safe and work to increase the vaccines efficacy. In reality these additives are dangerous, targeted, neurotoxins.

So where does that leave him? Everything that this man once thought he knew about the field he has worked so hard to become a part of is a total, disgusting lie.The disappointment that he must feel would be crushing, overwhelming. And yet we are to believe that he would somehow rally, and manage to fall into line like another good little soldier, happily poisoning his own family and friends, for the same salary as a carpenter or a nurse practitioner? We are just meant to accept blindly that he would never tell a soul, or try to intervene in this corrupt system that he once wanted so badly to participate in for the good of all mankind, or so he naively thought.

mlfw2169_smallHere is the thing, you can put down that gift wrap, because that story you are trying to sell me? Yeah. I am not buying it. Because this isn’t a story about one little boy. If we are to believe that vaccines are purposeful poisons designed to destroy rather than protect, it is a story that must be repeated thousands of times with thousands of boys and thousands of girls. In every city, in every country. In the  whole wide world. This is when this tale goes from implausible to impossible. Could one little boy have his life’s dreams and ambitions bought off by a bucketful of shillbucks? Probably. Could they all? If you answer yes, then your belief system is based on confirming your own bias and nothing anyone says, no evidence you are provided with, will ever be enough to convince you to reconsider your opinion. And your opinion is wrong. It is just so, fucking, wrong.

All the best,


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